Dr. Rafael Bernad, Bicosome Business Development Manager, took part in the 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Madrid, presenting the seminar: “Bicosomes: A smart skin drug delivery platform”. The presentation is available upon request.

We are happy to announce our participation at In Cosmetics Paris 2016, where we will launch our latest product Innovation “BICOWHITE COMPLEX”. We welcome you to visit our stand P161 within the area of Beauty Cluster Barcelona.

We are glad to announce the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness awarded BICOSOME as INNOVATIVE SME (Pyme Innovadora)

Bicosome & Beauty Cluster Barcelona visit Tokyo and Karatsu Beauty cluster. See more at:


Estibalitz Fernandez from the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain presented her PhD thesis entitled “ANTIOXIDANTES Y NANOESTRUCTURAS LIPÍDICAS PARA PREVENIR EL DAÑO SOLAR EN TEJIDOS LIPOQUERATÍNICOS”, this study is based on Bicosome Technology.

Bicosome took part in the 1st Beauty Innovation Day of the Beauty Cluster Barcelona, where our CEO Dra Lucyanna Barbosa presented a conference entitle ”INTELLIGENT SKIN TECHNOLOGY”.

Bicosome was pleased to be a sponsor in the NanoBio&Med2015, in our home town, Barcelona, where our Business Development Dr. Rafael Bernad presented a seminar: ´´ Bicosome Platform for Skin Drug Delivery´´ in the Parc Científic of Barcelona

Bicosome CEO, Lucyanna Barbosa took part of the SCS FORMULATE, where she presented a seminar: “Bicotene® Antiox: Skin Protection beyond UV Radiation” in Ricoh Arena, United Kingdom. We thank DKSH Team, our UK partner, for the amazing job of promoting our products “Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex "and "Bicosome® Filling up System" at their booth.

We are glad to announce our NEW Linked in page. Don’t forget to follow us at: Bicosome Linkedin

Bicosome CEO Dr. Lucyanna Barbosa took part on SEPAWA Congress 2015 presenting the Seminar: “Smart Bicosome for Sun Care: Skin Protection beyond UV Radiation”. We would like to thank DKSH Team, our German partner, for the amazing work promoting our products “Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex "and "Bicosome® Filling up System" at their booth.

Our Business Development Dr. Rafael Bernad was pleased to participate in the CPHI WORLDWIDE last October in Madrid, where he could interact with the Pharmaceutical Industry, products, people & solutions.

We would like to thank Béatrice Häusler, Sales & Product Manager of OMYA, our Swiss partner, for her work promoting “Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex" during the 23th IFSCC 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Bicosome invites you to take part in the seminar “BICOSOME: NEW LIPID TECHNOLOGY FOR SKIN TREATMENT” that will be presented by our Scientific Director Dr. Olga López, in the Center for Dermal Research (CDR), Rutgers University, NJ.

We are glad to announce that our PhD student Veronica Moner was awarded for an "Outstanding Contribution" at the Gordon Research Conference 2015, Barrier function of mammalian skin, for her work: "Mimiking Lamellar Bodies but Up-To-Down: A Repairing Strategy of the Stratum Corneum Lipid Structure". This work is part of Veronica’s PhD research on Bicosome Technology.

What facts make Bicotene® Antiox Extraordinary? Last Cosmetic Business release explains. See more at: Cosmetics Business Magazine

We feel proud to be selected in the article ¨NOW FROM THE SCIENCE PART¨ By John Woondruff, SPC MAGAZINE June Edition, where Bicotene® Antiox was described In the TOP Highlights of the Innovation seminars of In Cosmetics 2015.

PhD student Estibalitz Fernandez presented its recent work entitled “Bicosomes as skin delivery systems: A study based on Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy using synchrotron radiation” in the VII AUSE Congress and II ALBA User's Meeting - 2015

BICOSOME is proud to be sponsoring the 13TH INTERNATIONAL SUN PROTECTION CONFERENCE LONDON 2015, where we presented our newest launch “Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex".

Bicosome recent research on Biological Sun Protection is being published in the Cosmetics & Toiletries FOCUS SUN edition. The work entitled SMART LIPID-CAROTENE SYSTEM FOR TARGETED FREE RADICAL-SCAVENGING is available in the following link: Cosmetics & Toiletries FOCUS SUN edition

We are happy to announce our participation at In Cosmetics 2015 in our home town, Barcelona. We welcome you to visit us at our stand 6V39 within the area of Beauty Cluster Barcelona.

Take note:

- 14th of April 12:50h - Innovation Seminar Theatre1 – Conference Session: “BICOTENE® Antiox: Skin protection beyond UV radiation”

- 14th - 16th of April - BICOTENE® COMPLEX will be launched at Innovation Zone.

The newest Bicosome launch "Bicotene® Complex" is in the March edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries. Have a look at Technology launches! Cosmetics & Toiletries March edition

Bicosome CEO, Lucyanna Barbosa was kindly invited to introduce the Bicosome® line of products in Naturochim booth at Cosmetagora 2015, in Paris. Cosmetagora put together the main players of French market and opened up the Cosmetic agenda of 2015.

Bicosome took part in the 28th IFSCC Congress in Paris, where the PhD student Estibalitz Fernandez presented its research entitled: “USE OF BICOSOMES TO INCORPORATE ANTIOXIDANTS IN THE SKIN”.

Bicosome announces the launching of its new product “Bicotene Antiox/UV protect” in the special BIOTECH of the Spanish journal La Vanguardia. According to the Bicosome directors Lucyanna Barbosa and Olga Lopez, this new ingredient aims to protect the skin collagen from degradation and to help preventing the signs of photoaging.

Bicosome among the best start-ups. The spanish journal "Cinco Días" published the interview with Bicosome Director, Dr. Lucyanna Barbosa to the especial "The Best Start-ups".

Bicosome Scientific Director Dr. Olga López, presented the conference “NEW LIPID TECHNOLOGIES FOR SKIN CARE AND TREATMENT” during the event “Surfactants in a global changing environment” organized in Barcelona by the SEQC (Spanish Cosmetic Chemist Association).

Bicosome Director, Dr. Lucyanna Barbosa participated in the workshop “Trends and challenges of Cosmetic &Toiletries in Brazilian market” organized during the In Cosmetics Brazil 2014. Brazilian market is one of the fast growing in cosmetic field and is very attractive for innovative companies such as Bicosome. The development of partnerships in Brazil is one of the strategic objectives of Bicosome for the next years.

Bicosome Scientific Director, Dr. Olga López, presented the conference: “BICOSOME®: SKIN DELIVERY SYSTEM WITH LONG LASTING BENEFITS” during the Tech Connect World 2014 in Washington D.C, from 15 – 18 June.

Bicosome is pleased to announce our new partnership with QUIMIBIOS. QUIMIBIOS is leading distributor of cosmetic raw materials with a high qualified team known for building solid long-term relationships with their customers and suppliers. QUIMIBIOS is now in charge of the distribution of Bicosome proprietary products in Spain and Portugal markets.

Bicosome took part in the 14th Perspective in Percutaneous Penetration International Conference (PPP 2014) held in La Grande Motte, France, from 22 to 25 April. The Bicosome Directors Dr. Lucyanna Barbosa-Barros and Dr. Olga López presented two works on the recent results of Bicosome® Technology:



Bicosome has officially launched its first proprietary product “BICOSOME® FILLING UP SYSTEM” at the Innovation Zone of In-Cosmetics 2014, held in Hamburg from 1 to 3 April.

The company members were pleased to receive visitors and clients at the Booth IK60, within the Barcelona Beauty Cluster area.

Bicosome® FS was exposed in the Innovation Zone Box 007.

Bicosome concluded its first round of investment, having raised funds from private investors and public administration.

Bicosome was granted with a Torres Quevedo subsidy, and the NEOTEC and ENISA Young Entrepreneur soft loans. Bicosome is also pleased to announce its a new partner, Sputnik Capital, S.L.

Bicosome in the Media.

Bicosome is presented in special annual supplement "Biotecnología S. XXI" of La Vanguardia.

Bicosome took part in the 13th Barrier Function of Mammalian Skin Gordon Research Conference at the Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire, USA, presenting its recent work:



In addition, Bicosome Directors, Lucyanna Barbosa-Barros and Olga López participated in the stimulating and entertaining Forum Debate, on the topic "Nature vs. Nurture: Genetics are the Most Important Factor in Determining Barrier Function and Response".

Bicosome® Technology is being introduced in the “METALLIC URGES COLLECTION” of Genealogy LLC, NJ, USA.

Newsletter March 2013.

Bicosome® Technology in the XVIII Forum de Inversión ACC1Ó.

Dra. Olga López, the Scientific Director of the company, introduced the novel Bicosome® Technology at the “XVIII FORUM DE INVERSIÓN ACC1Ó” front of over 700 attendees, between entrepreneurs, private investors and venture capital funds, national and international.

More of 100 projects were presented and our proposal was considered one of 9 finalists for their innovation and high growth potential.

Bicosome distributed industrial samples of its first product “Bicosome Filling up System” to potential partners.

Bicosome received the INNCORPORA TU grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Bicosome took part in the European Epidermal Barrier Research Conference (ESDR) in Venice, Italy.

Dr. Lucyanna Barbosa-Barros, Managing Director of the company presented the conference: “BICOSOME TECHNOLOGY: AN ADVANCED BIOCOMPATIBLE DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR SKIN CARE AND TREATMENT”.

Bicosome took part in Tech Connect 2012 in Santa Clara, Sillicon Valley (CA) with the conference “BICOSOMES: NEW LIPID NANOSYSTEMS FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS”