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Bicosome is a start-up company that develops and commercializes high performance cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical ingredients based on a patented proprietary platform, the Bicosome® Technology.

We have created an intelligent biological transporter with a breakthrough mechanism of skin delivery that combines the most attractive properties of existing systems but far exceeds their capabilities.

Bicosomes® resemble biological structures of skin. For this reason they are able to naturally recognise the different skin environments and respond accordingly, providing the delivery of active ingredients where they need to work.

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Last news

Get to know our new launch at In Cosmetics 2017 in London!

This year we are launching a new solution to control acne based on Bicosome® Technology: the Bicomide® Acne Control. This product will be launched in the Innovation Zone and exhibited in the Innovation Box #12.

Want to know more of this product? You are welcome to contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our stand. 


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How it works

Bicosomes interact with the skin through an innovative biomimetic mechanism that follows skin’s natural processes. 

Each Bicosome system is designed to reach specific areas of the skin, where the active ingredients will be delivered.

Once there, and in response to this environment, the Bicosome structures reassemble in bigger aggregates, releasing the active ingredients.

Bicosomes remain anchored in the skin, providing long lasting effects. The structures of Bicosomes are finally integrated in the skin lipid matrix, reinforcing the tissue. They will be freed following the skin’s natural desquamation.

The driving force is the skin biology itself.

Mechanism of Bicosome Penetration

Main benefits

Bicosome® is a highly versatile platform tailor made to different molecules and to reach target skin layers. The double encapsulation and the innovative mechanism of penetration enable to boost the performance of active ingredients and to create very innovative concepts.

Bicosome® platform:
  • Stabilisation of molecules
  • Biomimetic mechanism
  • Target delivery
  • Long lasting effects
Bicosome® easy to use:
  • Encapsulation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds
  • Compatible with a broad range of formulations
  • Complete technical pack
Bicosome is green:
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Clean production process
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested in animals


We will be pleased to clarify your doubts regarding Bicosome® Platform. Please fil the form and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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Skin penetration is one of the biggest challenges of topical treatments. This is because the main function of our skin is to be a barrier protecting the organism from external aggression.

Most skin ingredients available in the market do not really penetrate the skin, exerting their effects on the skin surface and disappearing after just a single wash. Other ingredients penetrate the skin aggressively, disrupting the skin barrier and causing damage. In both cases, efficacy and safety are compromised.

Bicosome® ingredients penetrate gently the skin, deliver the active ingredients where they need to work and integrates into skin structure in a unique mechanism that empowers Cosmetic treatments.

Proprietary Products

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Bicosome® Filling up system is a biomimetic filler that delivers intelligent structures to rebuild skin architecture. Bicosome® FS enhances elasticity and firmness, reduces water loss and provides 7 days long lasting effects.

Bicosome® Filling up system (Bicosome® FS) is a biomimetic filler that delivers smart bilayer-forming structures to reinforce and rebuild the skin.

Skin's natural lipid matrix is organized in lipid bilayers, which are responsible for the skin's barrier function. Several skin disorders are characterized by or originate from defects in the lipid bilayered arrangement of the skin. The conservation and reinforcement of the skin lipid architecture is vital for maintaining a healthy, smooth and equilibrated skin.

Bicosome® FS contains smart structures that penetrate the skin and refill the lipid intercellular spaces with bilayers ordered like the natural lipid matrix. This system mimics the biological activity of the basal epidermal layers, rebuilding the lipid organisation of the skin. This allows for lipid matrix replenishment, barrier function restoration, and improvement of skin elasticity and firmness. The Bicosome® FS benefits have a prolonged action of at least seven days.

* Representation of skin stratum corneum 


The use of Bicosome® FS is indicated in daily care for preserving the integrity of the skin structure and improving skin appearance, and in specific treatments for rebuilding the skin bilayered arrangement.

Bicosome® FS is specially recommended to restore the skin after environmental aggressions like exposure to the sun, wind and pollution, and after chemical or physical treatments, like peelings, lasers, some medical therapies, or any other situation where the skin barrier needs to be restored.

Examples of formulations with Bicosome® FS: skin repair lotions, anti-aging fillers, facial serums, BB creams, long-lasting moisturisers, lip repair balms, treatments for sensitive skin, make-up, etc.

Bicosome® FS is available in liquid and lyophilized forms.

Summary of Bicosome® FS benefits:

  • Replenishes the skin intercellular spaces.
  • Preserves and repairs the lipid matrix architecture.
  • Restores the skin barrier function.
  • Improves the skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Provides long lasting effects of 7 days.

Bicotene® Antiox is a deep sun repair and protective system that boosts skin defence, protects collagen and cell DNA and neutralises the UV, Vis and IR damages in deep layers of the skin, providing an integral biological sun protection.

Excessive exposure to sunlight leads to the formation of free radicals (FR), to damages in cell DNA and to the degradation of the skin's extracellular matrix proteins. These are the main causes of premature skin aging, as well as several skin diseases.

Since the use of sunscreens does not cover the protection at deeper layers of the skin, an extra supply of protective molecules, such as the carotenes, deep in the skin, is essential to maintain the skin defence mechanism and to reverse photoaging.

Carotenes have a powerful antioxidant action that helps the body to scavenge FR, limiting the sun damage to cell membranes, DNA and skin protein structures. However, the topical application of carotenes is limited due to the inherent instability of these molecules that, if not properly formulated, are quickly inactivated.

Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex (Bicotene® Complex) is a deep sun repair system based on Bicosome® technology that stabilises and delivers carotene molecules deep in the epidermis, providing biological sun protection. 

Bicotene® Complex protects the carotenes and AO vitamins from degradation and works as a biological sun protector reinforcing the skin's defence mechanism against free radical formation and preventing the degradation of proteins that support the skin. 

The supply of carotenes by Bicotene® Antiox reinforces the skin's defence mechanism, reduces the formation of FR generated by UV, Vis and IR rays, protects and repairs cell DNA from UV damage and prevents the degradation of collagen induced by IR radiation.

Bicotene® Antiox is the perfect ingredient to complete the sun protection provided by sunscreens, but not only. The inclusion of Bicotene® Antiox in the daily skin care routine provides anti-aging benefits and protection over other sources of FR, such as pollution, smoking habits, stress, some medical therapies, etc.

Examples of formulations with Bicotene® Complex: Sunscreens and other pre and post sun formulations, anti-aging serums, BB creams, anti-pollution lotions, detox essences, lipsticks and make-up, etc.

Bicotene® Antiox is available in liquid and llyophilized forms.

Summary of Bicotene® benefits:

  • Stabilises carotene molecules
  • Penetrates and delivers carotenes deep in the epidermis
  • Provides UV, Vis and IR FR protection
  • Prevents the degradation of skin collagen induced by IR
  • Protects and repairs cell DNA form UV damage
  • Increases and completes the protection of sunscreens

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Bicowhite® Complex is a multi-target delivery system that blocks the main processes involved in the formation of dark spots. Bicowhite® increases skin luminosity and specifically reduces the melanin of hyperpigmented areas, providing a highly effective unification of skin tone.

Increased melanin production gives rise to different hyperpigmentation disorders characterized by the appearance of dark spots in the skin.

The main strategies to decrease the melanin content in the skin include preventing its formation, diminishing its transport or accelerating its elimination, which are complex processes that occur in different skin layers.

There are several active ingredients addressing one or more of these strategies. The limitation of these treatments usually resides in their poor skin penetration, which compromises their efficacy.

Bicosome® is a double encapsulation technology formed by intelligent structures able to penetrate and to be retained in specific skin layers. This allows for a multi-target delivery of various active ingredients in appropriate levels of the skin, which provides real benefit in complex skin disorders, where several processes are occurring in different skin levels at the same time.

Bicowhite Complex is a brightening / lightening multi-target delivery system based on Bicosome® technology that works blocking the different processes involved in the hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Bicowhite Complex incorporates five complementary whitening actives named Azeloglicine that blocks melanin formation, Niacinamide that blocks melanin transfer, Alfa-Bisabolol that work on inflammatory processes, Vitamin C that prevents ROS production and Phytic acid that stimulates cell renewal. These actives are driven by Bicosomes to their specific site of action in the skin in a highly integrated and complete approach.

In vitro studies showed that Bicowhite complex presents higher whitening activity than Kojic acid without the damage caused by this active in the skin structure. Skin treated with Bicowhite Complex during 10 days presented a reduction of the melanin in 45% below basal levels, even when the skin was exposed to UV radiation. The in vivo studies with Bicowhite will be available soon.

Examples of formulations with Bicowhite Complex: whitening lotions, skin tone unifying emulsions, brightening creams and serums, lightening essences, age spots lighteners, lightening make-ups, etc.

Bicowhite Complex is available in liquid form.

Summary of Bicowhite Complex benefits:

  • Integrates the treatment of five complementary whitening actives.
  • Uses the innovative multi-target delivery approach.
  • Reduces melanin content without damaging the skin structure.
  • Provides whitening activity in skin even during UV exposure.

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Bicomide® Acne Control is an especial Bicosome combination that works combating the processes related to the appearance and persistence of Acne. Bicomide® controls sebum production, prevents acne breakouts and reduces the irritation of acneic skin.

The product provides control of the sebum production, avoiding proliferation of bacteria, and anti-inflammatory action, which results in the improvement of acne lesions, blackheads, shiny skin and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Pipeline of Bicosome® Products


Bicosome® FS        
Bico C Pure          

Bicosome® systems are commercialised under a patent license agreement with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


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Att. Rosana Saldaña 

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We are willing to partner with cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to explore the potential for new and challenging projects either with our proprietary line or exclusive developments.

Bicosome team frequently participate in the main scientific conferences and meetings around the world. Please contact us to meet in the upcoming events.


Cosmética forum 2017/03 01-02 Madrid, Spain
BIO Europe Spring 2017/03 20-22 Barcelona, Spain
In-Cosmetics London 2017/04 04-06 London, UK
Future in formulations 2017/05 16-17 Barcelona, Spain
FCE Cosmetique 2017/05 23-25 São Paulo, Brazil
BIO International Convention 2017/06 19-22 San Diego, USA
Gordon Research Conference 2017/08 13-18 New Hampshire, USA
In-Cosmetics Brazil 2017/09 20-21 São Paulo, Brazil
BIOSPAIN  2017/09 28-30 Bilbao, Spain
Cosmetorium 2017/10 03-04 Barcelona, Spain
Sepawa Congress 2017/10 18-20 Berlin, Germany
CHPI Worldwide 2017/10 14-26 Frankfurt, Germany
MEDICA 2017/11 13-16 Dusseldorf, Germany
SCS Formulate 2017/11 15-16 Ricoh Arena, Coventry
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Effective treatment for skin pathologies is still a challenge. A number of chronic diseases imply disruptions of skin structures, leading to uncomfortable and visible lesions that impacts not only on the physical health but also profoundly on patients’ quality of life.

Bicosome® Technology adds special value in these treatments. The composition and structure of Bicosomes mimic skin internal organisation . For this reason, aside from providing target delivery of the drugs encapsulated, the platform itself is capable of correcting defects in the skin matrix, improving of the skin condition and appearance. 

Different drugs such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antifungal, vitamins, peptides and other kind of molecules have been incorporated in Bicosome® systems. The efficacy of the molecules is increased when carried by Bicosomes.

Our main target is the skin, but this delivery system can also be applied on other tissues such as the mucosa.

The way to market for Bicosome® Health Care products is through partnering and license agreements.

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About us


Bicosome is a start-up company originated in the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC) part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The company was founded in 2012 by a group of scientists specialised in the study of the skin tissue, in the biophysics of lipids, lipid structuration and surfactants.

As pioneers in this field of research, the founders of Bicosome have published in high impact journals and contributed to several conferences in international events. Their vision was to create a company to transform all this knowledge into real benefits that improve quality of life.

Bicosome® Technology is the result of three decades of serious scientific research focused on effective and safe skin penetration and targeted delivery.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Our mission is to research, develop and commercialize highly innovative systems to deliver active ingredients into and through the skin.


In 2020 to be recognized as a global leading supplier of products based on delivery systems technologies for Dermo-Cosmetic Industry by providing customized solutions, earning trust and building lifetime relationships with our customers.

Core Values

Values are an important aspect of the Bicosome® team’s culture and constitute the common ground that unites the company. Our main values are the following:

  • Commitment to the highest quality research and excellence in innovation.
  • High standards of safety and reliability.
  • Confidentiality and integrity towards our customers.
  • Environmental consciousness.

Business Model

Bicosome business model is based on generating resources basically in two ways.

Commercialization of our own line of ingredients

Bicosome develops its own line of active ingredients based on the patented Bicosome® Technology.


Bicosome also develops exclusive and customized Bicosome® products for selected partners.

Financial Support

Bicosome has received financial support from Spanish funding institutions through NEOTEC, ENISA Young Entrepreneurs, INNCORPORA TU and TORRES QUEVEDO programs, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, co-funded by the European Social Fund.



Bicosome has also been granted with the “INNOVATIVE SME STAMP” by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, co-funded by the European Social Fund.

European Projects

Bicosome has been granted with two projects funded by European Union programs.


Project Development, combination, formulation and encapsulation of bioactives from microalgae for skin care

This project has been funded by the European Union within the program Eurostars 2016. The Eurostars Programme is powered by EUREKA and the European Community



Project: Value Omega 3 and Astaxanthin products from Sea Algae.

This project has been funded by the European Union within the program "Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument 2016-2017"


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